Service Plans
Spread the cost of your car maintenance and save up to 25% on standard servicing charges.

Save up to 25% on your Service

Spread the cost of your service with interest-free, monthly payment from £11.99 a month and save on your overall service costs.

Peace of Mind

Fix the cost of your service with no hidden costs, enhance your vehicle’s resale value and protect against further price rises & inflation.

Guarantee Genuine OEM Parts

Guarantee original equipment and parts on your vehicle from manufacturer trained technicians.


What does the plan cover?

Your plan will cover your chosen service, parts, labour and VAT. You can also cover the cost of an MOT.

Is the plan discounted?

Yes, your plan will be discounted on current prices and there is the advantage of protecting the cost against inflation over the term of your plan.

What about courtesy services?

All courtesy services apply as normal.

When is the first payment?

The first payment will be taken 30 days from registration.

Will the payment be increased?

No, your payments will be fixed for the term of your plan.

Can I change my car?

We can transfer any remaining funds onto your new vehicle at any time.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. Remember this is not a contract, it is a service.

Enquire about a bespoke Service plan

We tailor our service plans to meet your exact needs. Speak to one of our servicing advisors about a bespoke service plan for your vehicle on [dealerdetails data=PhoneNo].