A Rare Classic Car Joins the Showroom

This rare and beautifully restored Talbot 13/45 AQ Scout is currently on show in our showroom.

Produced in the 1930s, it’s one of only 492 originally made and is one of the last surviving vehicles today with the original body and be on the road.
The Talbot 14/45 model was designed by Georges Roesch who was called back to Talbot in 1925 to design a new car. It had to be an instant success or the firm would collapse. Moreover, it needed to be perfect straight from the drawing board; there would be no time for experiment or testing. It was intended to provide the refinement of a Rolls Royce 20 hp at an affordable cost. It was an immediate success and the star of the 1926 Motor Show.
This model was the basis for all the subsequent Roesch Talbots with only minor changes to the chassis, yet accommodating progressively larger engine capacities without increasing the engine length.
For the last 9 years the car has been touring around classic car rallies where it regularly won awards and after an incredible history and loving restoration it currently sits in out showroom and available for sale.
Come by and take a look on your next visit!

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