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Gold Award 2019 Dealer Geoff Cox Leisure

“Geoff Cox Leisure in Derbyshire repeats last year’s Gold, finishing second with a score of 94.1%.

Gavin Cox – We are very proud to receive a Gold Award for the supply of New Motorhomes from Practical Motorhome and The Camping and Caravanning Club

Thank you to all of our customers who have voted for us, for your support and helping us become who we are today.

Well done to the Geoff Cox Leisure Team!

A score of 94.1%. To win a Gold Award requires a score of 80% or more”

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Practical Motorhome & Members of the Camping and Caravanning Club – Owner Satisfaction Awards.

“Since 2016 we’ve joined forces with Practical Motorhome to help motorhome buyers understand which are the most satisfying motorhomes to buy – and the best dealers to buy them from.
Once again, the survey results distil the collective wisdom of hundreds of more than 2,500 motorhome owners, drawn from the readership of Practical Motorhome and members of The Camping and Caravanning Club. Each one represents not just a purchase, but mile after mile on the road, countless nights of touring, and numerous dealer visits for routine servicing or warranty work.
One owner’s experience, good or bad, only carries so much weight. But collate the thoughts of hundreds of owners – happy, unhappy and everything in between – and you have a powerful tool to help you decide on your next motorhome.
Each respondent has completed the same in-depth questionnaire. It covers the basics – things like the make and model of motorhome, the dealer from which it was purchased, and the base vehicle. It also drills down deeper to uncover what it was really like to buy the motorhome, and how enjoyable it has been to live with.
Each owner is asked to score his or her motorcaravan in a number of categories, from value for money, to the washroom, to the lounge, the kitchen, the beds and more. More questions are asked about the base vehicle, including driving comfort, performance, reliability and the availability of spare parts.
The questions that perhaps matter most are saved until last: “Would you buy another motorcaravan of this make?” and “Would you buy another motorcaravan of this base vehicle?”

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