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Eura Mobil celebrate 60 yrs Anniversary August 2019


Eura Mobil GmbH celebrate a 60th Anniversary in August 2019

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Dear Facebook friends, we celebrate our 60th birthday in August. On the occasion of this anniversary we are looking for the oldest (still active) Eura – no matter whether caravan or camper! The date of first registration counts. Just upload a photo of the automobile and indicate the model name as well as the first date of approval. It’s worth participating as the owner of the oldest Eura can experience one week in our latest model! We are looking forward to your pictures! Your Eura Mobil online team. Contact:

Take a journey from our beginning in 1959 with the Blessing KG Company to our present celebrated time.

1959 Blessing KG company is founded. Beginning of motorhome construction (Brand name: Blessing Caravans)

1969 Change of name to Mayr KG (Brand name: Eura Caravane)

1983 Start of the construction of motorhomes and change of name to Eura Mobil GmbH

1996 Start of the construction of integrated vehicles (Integra-type)

1997 Variation of the range by construction of a range of profiles (Contura-type)

1999 During the 40th year since the company was founded, over 1500 vehicles leave the production workshops. Creation of the EMS GmbH branch for organised travel (Eura Mobil Tours) and customer services with the Eura Mobil card.

2000 Construction of an additional production hall which doubles the production surface. Takeover of the brand and the right of production of Karmann-Mobil. Total production of Motorhomes up to the year 2000: 16.800 units.

2002 Construction of a new Karmann-Mobil finishing workshop. Opening of the Motorhome Forum, the first communications and information centre for camping-car owners.

2004 With the introduction of the new Low-Profile “Profila” Eura Mobil’s tradition of building motorhomes on Ford chassis is continued.

2005 Takeover of the Eura Mobil Group by Trigano.

2006 With the new bodywork technology a new chapter of the history is beginning.

2008 With the 3rd Generation of Integra the range is completed in the Top-Class.

2010 With the new Integra Style, Eura Mobil establishes itself in the 3.5t class of A-Class

2012 The “Terrestra A” and “Profila T” are voted as “Motorhome of the Year”.

2016 The “Terrestra A”, “Activa One” and “Integra Line” are voted as “Motorhome of the Year”.

2016 Eura Mobil GmbH celebrates its 10th anniversary of the gluing technology with the present 10 years of leak guarantee.

2017 The 4th generation of the Integra is presented as the new flagship of Eura Mobil at the Caravan Salon 2017 in Düsseldorf.




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