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What To Look Out For When Getting Your Car Serviced

Added: 16 May 2016

Servicing your car can prove to be extremely beneficial for you and your family. It can help extend the lifespan of your car, save you cash you could invest in other ventures, or even increase the efficiency of your vehicle. We have compiled a great list for you to consider when servicing your car.

Use the Car Servicing Manual

The car manual you received when purchasing your automobile can prove to be a great money saver when deciding to service your vehicle. It will show you how often you’ll need to service your car, at what mileage is the most appropriate. How often regular maintenance tasks need to be carried out such as oil changes, and also when the cars replaceable parts must be changed.

Dealerships, including ours, will recommend regular oil changes as this will help future proof your car against issues that could incur a greater cost in the future.

Changing the Oil

The common misconception surrounding oil changes are clear. Some mechanics will claim the oil can become dirty and therefore effect the lubrication properties of the oil. Others claim that refusing to change the oil can lead to the car breaking down. These are both incorrect. The truth is dirt can only enter if the air filters are defective. And extreme heat subjugated onto the oil alongside lack of oxygen can cause oxidation, the formation of gum, varnish and sludge, but not a car break down.
The honest truth is oil must be changed so as to allow for the chemical change within the lubricant. The lubricant can lose its lubricant capacity due to chemical decomposition. And due to the depletion of chemical additives present in modern oils.
The second reason for oil change is for the removal of wear particles that are present in lubricants that can’t be removed by normal filtration tools. 

Dashboard Messages

The dashboard is your friend when considering what specific areas in your car need to be seen to by a trained mechanic. Specific lights on the dashboard will light up to show areas where attention is required. Including issues around the break system, engine, oil & coolant levels, and lastly tyre pressure. Different cars may show different items, however, your user car servicing manual will show what specific lights mean what. Failing to notice these lights and ignoring them can increase the likelihood of greater issues emerging. Be safe and check them regularly.

Check the Cambelt Lifespan

This is a common issue many drivers find, however one that must be addressed and considered. Mechanics can offer a rough estimate as to when you should consider a cambelt change. They can usually range between 70000-80000 miles in the cars life cycle. A cambelt change can range up to £250, however, failing to do so can result in engine issues and even engine exchange which can cost up to £2500.

Check Your Tyres Regularly

Poor maintenance of your tyres can lead to issues with traction such as aquaplaning. Less traction can cause catastrophic issues on long distance drives and even crashes, especially in poor weather. Be safe and check your tyres for traction and tread depth. Check the pressure also. This can affect their endurance, braking efficiency and fuel consumption.

We have identified key areas for why and when you should consider servicing your car. Remember, to keep your vehicle on the road for longer, regular servicing and understanding of the car is absolutely crucial.

For more information on how Geoff Cox can help you with your servicing, contact us today.

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