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Added: 08 February 2017

Motorhome seat belts: latest laws and regulation and how to comply

If you are using a motorhome manufactured between 01 April 1982 and 30 September 1988 that weighs up to 2540kgs MIRO (unladen weight), it must have seatbelts provided for the driver and the specified passenger. Any other belts should be three or two point secured belts. It is important to ensure that these belts are fitted to the structure of the vehicle as the forces acting on them when in use are considerable.


A motorhome manufactured after 01/10/1988 must have seat belts fitted for the driver and any forward facing passengers. Three point belts are required for the driver and the specified passenger – other front seat belts may be two point – providing that this passenger’s head could not strike the windscreen in the event of the vehicle being involved in a collision. Optional seat belts fitted to the rear can be either three or two point secured belts and again should be fitted to the structure of the motorhome.


Although not illegal in motorhomes manufactured before 1988, the police could consider it an offence to carry a passenger in a rear seat without a seat belt when travelling over 60mph as it would be deemed dangerous.



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