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Added: 28 April 2018

Eura Mobil GmbH  March 9 at 11:27am

Hello All,
Thank you to all who have voted so diligently!

We warmly congratulate Björn Fey from Stollberg, who, with his Eura Mobil 515, has practically set a start goal in 1998 In the end he was able to reach 222 likes and will decorate the front page of the next Eura Mobile Journal The next issue will be the Caravan Salon in August 2018.

The second place reached the family from Hanover, who photographed their Integra on the pitch beach on the Elbe! For a total of 42 likes there is a Eura Mobile poloshirt.

The third podium of the winner spouts reached Silvia Gysler from Switzerland with her Terrestra 670 SB in the fragrant pine forest of Biscarrosse-plage on the French In the thrilling finish your motif reached 29 likes. The family can be pleased with a Eura Mobile shoulder bag.

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all participants for the beautiful photos!

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