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Added: 06 February 2017

Driving motorhomes

Are you thinking of buying or hiring a motorhome for the holidays? Or maybe you want to import one from another country? Before you decide you'll need to check the entitlement you hold on your driving licence and the size of motorhome you plan to drive.

The entitlement needed on your driving licence

You will need to check that your driving licence gives you entitlement to drive a motorhome. The categories shown on your licence allow you to drive vehicles up to certain weights, known as the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM).

Category B (car) entitlement

You can drive vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes MAM, together with a trailer not exceeding 750 kilograms. To tow a heavier trailer you will need category B+E entitlement.

Category C1 entitlement

You can drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes MAM but less than 7.5 tonnes (with or without a trailer up to 750 kilograms). To tow a heavier trailer you will need category C1+E entitlement.
If you passed the category C1+E test:

  • before 1 January 1997 (shown as C1+E (79) on the licence) you are limited to driving such combinations up to a combined weight of 8.25 tonnes: for example, motorhome six tonnes, trailer 2.25 tonnes
  • after 1 January 1997 you are entitled to drive combinations up to 12 tonnes in weight where the MAM of the trailer exceeds 750 kilograms but doesn't exceed the unladen weight of the towing vehicle



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